50 YEARS AGO (1946)

The following appeared in TA 53 (Jan 1996)

The following extracts from the ‘Tanganyika Standard’ appeared between January and April 1946.

These words were used by Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin in his speech to the UN General Assembly in London, when he said that Britain would soon start negotiating to place Tanganyika, Cameroon and Togoland under the Trusteeship system. “These territories have been administered by us for over 25 years. We have fulfilled our obligations under the covenant of the League of Nations and to the best of our ability administered and developed them in the interests of their inhabitants”.

A Rufiji inhabitant’s prospective food for the year can be destroyed overnight by a single rampaging hippo, so they have been appropriately termed three ton vermin. But the vermin can easily turn miscreant. Recently local fishermen, chest high in water, were beating about to drive river fish into traps. Suddenly there was a mighty upheaval, and the feet of one of the fisherman were pushed from under him. The next second a hippo emerged and savaged the poor man to death. Three days later Mr A K Barker of Muhoro was called by local elders, and he shot the animal.

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