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Dec 1975 Issue 1 Aims of Tanzanian Affairs by Editor Prof Terence Ranger; President Nyerere’s speeches in London; OAU and Uganda; Economic Review of 1974-5; Tanzam railway; Villagisation

July 1976 Issue 2 Tanzania & Rhodesia; Building Research; Canon Lampburn and Kindwitwi; Analysis of Tanzanian Socialism

Jan 1977 Issue 3 TANU and ASP merge to form CCM; Review of the National Economy; Educational Campaigns in Tanzania by Radio and Study Group; Canon Lamburn newsletter

Aug 1977 Issue 4 Statement on Rhodesia; Constitution of TANU & CCM; The Handicapped Child in Tanzania and Child Health Services; News including the disintegration of the East African Community

Jan 1978 Issue 5 The United Kingdom Development Programme in Tanzania; Review of the Economy; The Cost of Living in Tanzania; Religion & Politics; Review of Tanzanian Doctor (Dr Leader Stirling)

July 1978 Issue 6 Statement by President Nyerere on Soviet forces in Africa; Tanzania’s Third Development Plan, 1976-81; Family Planning in Tanzania; School and Agriculture in Tanzania; Review of Helge Kjekshus: Ecology Control and Economic Development.

Dec 1978 Issue 7 The Conflict with Idi Amin’s Uganda; Review of the National Economy; Community Education for Social Development (Chiwanda Farmers); Links with Zambia

1979 John Arnold takes over as Editor

July 1979 Issue 8 The Development of Industries and Mining in Tanzania; Reviews: Agricultural Policies in Mainland Tanzania by Andrew Coulson and Tanzania’s Ujamaa Villages by Dean McHenry Jr.; Julius K. Nyerere on Rural Development; Letter about flooding at Masasi

Jan 1980 Issue 9 Speech by President Nyerere for diplomats; Tanzania’s Negotiations with the I.M.F.; Review of the National Economy; Appropriate Technology for Grain Storage; Digest of News – end of the war in Uganda

July 1980 Issue 10 (Dire state of) The Economy; Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank; Energy; The National Milling Corporation; The Sisal Industry; The Debate on Ujamaa: Villagisation and food production. Digest of News – directive on village shops

Dec 1980 Issue 11 Special Issue on The Economic Problems of Tanzania: The political context; Tanzania’s relations with the IMF; The Political Economy of Tanzania 1979 – 1981; Background to Parliamentary Elections in Tanzania

Mar 1981 Issue 12 ‘L’Afrique Etrangee’ – A Warning from Rene Dumont; Impressions of Tanzania; Mismanagement in Public Corporations; The Role of C.C.M.; Review of ‘Beyond Ujamaa in Tanzania’ by Goran Hyden and other books

July 1981 Issue 13 Notes on the economy and the food situation; The fight against mismanagement and corruption; Presidential Commission on the Education System; Makonde Art; Origins of Kiswahili as a national language.

Jan 1982 Issue 14 A prospect of famine?; The Tanzanian economic dilemma; Nyerere speech in Melbourne; Impressions of health and educational provision in Tanzania; Aniceti Kitereza – the story of a Tanzanian writer; Reviews

July 1982 Issue 15 Reports from Party Congress and Parliament; Tanzanian Policy on war in Lebanon; Hijacking of a Tanzanian aircraft; The Reconstruction of Tanzania’s Economy; Mwongozo – The CCM Guidelines 1981; Tanzania’s food problem; Preventive Detention- a BBC Report; Decent Housing for all Tanzanians; Reviews

Jan 1983 Issue 16 The administration of justice; Changes in the Party constitution; J.P. Orasa on Tanzania’s food problem; Bishop Briggs: first impressions on returning to Tanzania; Expatriate ‘islands’ in Tanzania; The ‘bus and coach industry; Nyerere’s address on five years of CCM government

July 1983 Issue 17 Transport; Tanzania and the International Monetary Fund; Religion and Society in Tanzania; The Campaign against Economic Saboteurs; Economic Sabotage Law; The Human Resources Deployment Act 1983; Book review: Gillman of Tanganyika by Dr. B.S. Hoyle

Jan 1984 Issue 18 The Legal Profession in Tanzania; Agricultural Policy; SADCC – a Way to Independence; The President’s Press Conference; Review – Poems from Tanzania edited by Richard S. Mabala

1984 David Brewin takes over as Editor

July 1984 Issue 19 Nyerere’s speech to say Farewell to the East African Community; The state of the Tanzanian economy; The effects of devaluation; Coffee cultivation in Tanzania; Nyerere on the Judiciary; Refugees in Tanzania; News – the death of Prime Minister Edward Sokoine

Jan 1985 Issue 20 The Sokoine University of Agriculture; Tanzania’s Long Term Prospects; Changes in the Standard of Living; Prof Babu on Socialism and Capitalism; Tanzania’s Water Supplies; Tanzania’s Constitutional Amendments; Reviews – Resources and Industry in Tanzania by J .D. V. Jones and Ox Cultivation in Tanzania by Finn Kjaerby

July 1985 Issue 21 Mwalimu’s visit to UK; Socialism & Capitalism – the debate continues; African Violet threatened with Extinction; The Tanzanian Engineer; What happened in Zanzibar in 1984

1985 First issue in A5 format with green map of Tanzania on cover

October 1985 – Ali Hassan Mwinyi becomes President

Oct 1985 Issue 22 The Nyerere Years – a special supplement; Ali Hassan Mwinyi – nominated as the next President; The Election of a President of Tanzania; New Currency

Jan 1986? Issue 23 NOT YET ONLINE

May 1986 Issue 24 Agriculture – A 16-Page Supplement; IMF – A Time For Decision; Stonetown, Zanzibar; Christianity In Tanzania; Mazimbu – And Mishamo; A Silver Jubilee For The Tanganyika Reunion; A Letter From Mwalimu Julius Nyerere

Sept 1986 Issue 25 Economic Recovery Programme; Free Speech; Tanzania After Nyerere; Tanzania as a Democratic One Party State; The Groundnut Scheme

Jan 1987 Issue 26 President Nyerere And The State; Economic Recovery; President Mwinyi’s First Year; Obituary – Sheikh Thanit Kombo; The Maasai By A Maasai; Diversified Curricula In Education; Witchcraft And Psychcotherapy; Germany’s Last Askaris; Zanzibar Colobus Monkeys

May 1987 Issue 27 Mwalimu Nyerere’s Political Legacy; The Risk Element in Politics; The Kilombero Killings; Informatics Technology; Music and Malaika; Transformation in Kondoa; Zanzibar – Rice, Cloves and Diversification; Friends of Ruaha; A Queen’s Scarf; Students Suspended

Sept 1987 Issue 28 Mwalimu Nyerere’s Future; The Economy (Tanzania and the IMF, Interim Situation Report, Budget Highlights, Future Prospects); Kigamboni Ferry Saga; Makonde Carving; Chimpanzees and Aids; Ndugu and Waheshimiwa; Tourism – New Directions?

Jan 1988 Issue 29 Third National Party Conference; Re-Election of Mwalimu Nyerere as CCM chairman – How And Why; Agriculture – The Changing Scene; A Franco-Tanzanian Occasion; Miseries of a Millionaire; The Food Storage Crisis

May 1988 Issue 30 Zanzibar – Government Changes (Seif Shariff Hamad replaced as Chief Minister); Tanzanian Literature; Troops in Mozambique; Three Spectacular Crimes (Elephant Tusks, Travellers Cheques, A Hijacking); World Bank Happy with Tanzania; From Nyerere to Neo-Classicism; Record Cotton Crop

Sept 1988 Issue 31 President Mwinyi in Britain; Zanzibar – The Situation Deteriorates; The Budget; Why No TV ? Tea – Past, Present and Future; English and Kiswahili in Education; AIDS Horror; Nsekela Report; From Nyerere to Neo-Classicism – A Reply

Jan 1989 Issue 32 Devaluation; K.A.R. to T.P.D.F.; Britain Doubles Aid; Justice – Lessons for England; President Mwinyi on Architecture; China and Tanzania; University Links; The Parastatals; The Snakeman

May 1989 Issue 33 Mwinyi Launches Ambitious New Development Plan; And Reshuffles his Cabinet; Nyerere Lays Down the Law in Zanzibar; If the Union had Never Happened; Tanzania and Japan; Cotton Processing – Rehabilitation Programmes; Taking a Broom Dance to Tanzania; Amnesty International 1988 Report; The Census – Preliminary Results

Sept 1989 Issue 34 Elephants – Tanzania Takes the Lead; The Budget; Nine Holes in Mufindi; ANC H.Q. Moving to Tanzania? Former Zanzibar Chief Minister Seif Sharrif Hamad Arrested; Two Parliamentary Sessions; Tanganyika and the Second World War; New High Commissioners – Malecela & Masefield; The Lightning Bird

Jan 1990 Issue 35 Tanzania To Receive 1.3 Billion Dollars; Another Devaluation; Are Tanzanian Workers Lazy? Aids – Seriousness Recognised By Media; Mwinyi Outlines Investment Code; Digging Up Zanzibar; Frontier Tanzania Expedition 1989-1994; Shock Over Cooperative Debts

May 1990 Issue 36 Mwinyi tells entire Cabinet To Resign; Serious Floods; Implications Of Changes In Eastern Europe; Nelson Mandela In Tanzania; Sixty Years Of Missionary Work; Tanzanian Artists Coming To Britain

Sept 1990 Issue 37 Major Leadership Changes: Nyerere – Mwinyi – Wakil – Amour – Kawawa – Kolimba; Report On The 1988 Census; The New Investment Code; Newspapers And Censorship; Conservation And Tourism At Swahili Ruins; The Budget; TAFICO – A Chequered History

October 1990 – Ali Hassan Mwinyi starts second term

Jan 1991 Issue 38 Election Results & the Big Surprise; Youths Throng Iraq Embassy; Sisal – Recent Developments; DANTAN; Education Scandal; Matumbi Caves; Re-Opening Of University

May 1991 Issue 39 The Mrema Phenomenon; The Great Debate on Multipartyism; New High Commissioner; The Zanzibar Declaration; New Banking and Cooperative Laws; My Father and the ‘Useful’ Plants of Zanzibar; The Gulf Conflict and Tanzania

Sept 1991 Issue 40 The Budget; The Great Debate (on multi party politics) Intensifies; Death Of Musa Membar; Tanzam – New Problems; Bulletin No 40 – 16 Years of TA; The Mrema Phenomenon

Jan 1992 Issue 41 Political Change – Debate on Multi Party Politics; Wild Bird Trade; Mrema Offered Foreign Account; Three Decades at the University; 100,000 Orphans; Massive Cotton Crop; Warioba Loses Seat

May 1992 Issue 42 Mageuzi (Multi Party Politics introduced); The BBC and Tanzania

Sept 1992 Issue 43 12 New Political Parties; New Cooperative Societies Act; The 1992-93 Budget; Investment Promotion Seminar; A Day On Lake Victoria; Changes At Air Tanzania; Electricity Monopoly Ended

Jan 1993 Issue 44 The Ninth Constitutional Amendment; Kambona Returns To Tanzania; Indigenisation And Privatisation; Competition In Banking; A Visit To Kindwiti; Manpower Retrenchment; Kenya Beer Exempt From Duty

May 1993 Issue 45 Religion – And Zanzibar; Politics – and the Rev. Mtikila; Race and Indigenisation; Witchcraft in Modern Tanzania; I Met Malcolm X in Dar es Salaam; We Wake to the Song of Birds; A Tale of Igusule

Sept 1993 Issue 46 The Withering Away Of The Union? Nyerere Warns the Nation; The Thoughts of Chairman Mtikila; The Debt Crisis; Three Feet of Terrifying Space; Business News; Tanzania’s Sugar Industry

Jan 1994 Issue 47 AIDS – A New Book Tells The Full Story; Nyerere Intervenes in Constitutional Debate; Innovation in Tanzania; Strong Words From Catholic Bishops; Sumbawanga Boom Town

May 1994 Issue 48 Mini-Budget Shock; Massive Refugee Influx In Ngara; CCM Wins Two By-Elections; What Did John Okello Actually Do? Re-Naming of Streets

Sept 1994 Issue 49 Firm NO to Government for Tanganyika; By-Election Result Annulled; Tanzania’s New City (Ngara); Balancing the Books; Home Sweet Home; Public Enterprise Reform; Television Turmoil

Jan 1995 Issue 50 Congratulations to TA from Mwalimu Nyerere; New Prime Minister and Cabinet Following Massive Fraud; President’s Discussions with 14 Donor Agencies; Results of the Local Elections and the Tabora By-Election; The Chief Justice on the Law and Multi-Partyism; Prof. Issa Shivji on the Presidential Land Commission

May 1995 Issue 51 Political Scene Transformed; How Strong Is The Opposition?; Donors Promise $1 Billion; The Protection Of Human Rights; Crocodile Bites And Traditional Beliefs; Canada And The Barabaig; Nyerere – Three Book Reviews

Sept 1995 Issue 52 Election Fever; Taarab Music in Zanzibar; 30 years, 12 sermons, 5 years;

October 1995 – Benjamin Mkapa becomes President

Jan 1996 Issue 53 New President Mkapa Sweeps Clean; Controversial Elections: Were they Free and Fair? Winners And Losers; Why Didn’t Opposition do Better? Popobawa is Dead; Culture Shock

May 1996 Issue 54 President Mkapa’s Auspicious Start; Election Results Analysis, Zanzibar – Total Deadlock; The New Tourism Policy – will it Work? Marooned on Mafia Island; Reviews : Blood, Milk and Death; Marketing Japan in Tanzania; Alarming Adult Mortality

Sept 1996 Issue 55 Politics – Mkapa, Mrema, Amour, Hamad; Hope for Zanzibar Settlement? The 1996/67 Budget; Tanzania’s ‘Titanic’ Disaster MV Bukoba; Kilwa – From Decay To Development

Jan 1997 Issue 56 Mrema’s stunning by-election victory; Finance minister resigns; CCM divided?; $768 million of new investment; IMF approves big new loan; School days in Britain and Tanzania

May 1997 Issue 57 Warioba Corruption report shakes the country; Minister resigns; Tanzania’s rapidly improving economy; Surprise by-election results; ‘Barred from animal kingdom’; Physics – the Mpemba effect

Sept 1997 Issue 58 Ruling Party to Win Again? Extraordinary Saga in Zanzibar; Reconstructing the Past; Singers and the State

Jan 1998 Issue 59 The War against Corruption; The Divided Opposition; Tanganyika 50 Years Ago; By-Election Results; Doctor Debt; Night Life in Dar es Salaam

May 1998 Issue 60 Zanzibar – Growing Concern; Tanzania and the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment); El Nino Devastation; Kimbiji Revisited; A Day in the Life of Wadi Moja (Ward 1)

Sept 1998 Issue 61 A One Party State Again? Two Minsters Lose their Seats; Zanzibar – A Settlement? Bomb at American Embassy; The Sexual Offences Act; Business News and the Budget

Jan 1999 Issue 62 Tanzania’s Gold Rush; Cabinet Reshuffle; Commonwealth Initiative Adjourned; Kisa wa Kisasa

May 1999 Issue 63 Undermining Multi-Partyism; Women Happy with New Land Legislation; Charges Revealed in Zanzibar Treason Trial; Foreign Debts – Prospects for Relief; Death of Sir Richard Turnbull

Sept 1999 Issue 64 Zanzibar – Agreement in Detail; Tanzania Leaving COMESA; Mrema Changes Party Again; CUF Advances on the Mainland; Five-Year-Old Tanzanian ‘Messiah’; £8,000 for Tanzanian Painting

Jan 2000 Issue 65 Mwalimu Nyerere 1922 -1999; East Africa Together Again; Zanzibar Treason Trial Delay; MP Kiula and others in Court; Refugee Burden; The New NBC

May 2000 Issue 66 Tanzania Qualifies for Debt Relief; The Thirteenth Constitutional Amendment; Tension in Zanzibar; Nyerere and the World Bank; Kilimanjaro – The Millennium Climb

Sept 2000 Issue 67 Elections 2000 – What happened last time? The candidates; Nomination and registration; Will they be free and fair? Who will win? Swahili Poetry and music

October 2000 Benjamin Mkapa starts second term

Jan 2001 Issue 68 President Mkapa’s Election Victory; ‘Shambles’ in Zanzibar – A Personal Election Diary; Detailed Results; What Next? Is it an Economic Miracle? The Village Museum

May 2001 Issue 69 President Mkapa Tightens His Grip; The Aftermath Of The Zanzibar Violence; East African Community Launched; Tanzania Third In Africa For Gold; 15 Book/Article Reviews

Sept 2001 Issue 70 The New Vice-President (Ali Shein); The Economy – Praise All Round; Sugar and Shipping Controversy; Tanzania and the W.T.O.; Tony Blair’s Great Dilemma; Bombing Trial Verdicts

Jan 2002 Issue 71 Tanzania and Terrorism; Agreement in Zanzibar – and then a Setback; Debt Relief; Mkapa Scores 90%; Music -Breaking Congo Domination; Dhow Festival

May 2002 Issue 72 Zanzibar Agreement – Implementation; Britain, Tanzania and Zimbabwe; Air Traffic Control Saga; End of Official Opposition; Privatisation Problems

Sept 2002 Issue 73 Opposition Parties Falling Apart; Mkapa and Short Reach Agreement; TANESCO Tribulations; Dar es Salaam in the 20th Century; The Dhow Festival; Tanzanian Hip Hop

Jan 2003 Issue 74 CCM Elections – Many Changes; Tanzania Takes Precautions; Privatisation Problems: Air Tanzania, Harbours, Telecommunications, Insurance, Water; Agriculture and Forestry; “I Had Been Happily Married………”

May 2003 Issue 75 Tanzania and the Iraq War; 32 Parliamentary By-Elections; Population Now 34 Million; Debates on Corruption; $400 Million from Mining

Sept 2003 Issue 76 Free & Fair By-Elections; The Mainland – CCM Wins; Pemba – CUF Wins; Opposition Coalition; Indigenisation (Uzawa); Setting The Stage On Fire – Sidi Goma

Jan 2004 Issue 77 Tanzania Smells Oil – and the World Moves In; Zanzibar – Questions about the Next Elections; Newspaper Banned; Privatisation – Pros and Cons; Zanzibar Leopard – Dead or Alive?

Jacob Knight takes over graphics

May 2004 Issue 78 Nile Basin – Could it Lead To War? Who Will Be The Next President? Asylum and Refugees – Britain and Tanzania in Discussions; Reconciliation and Violence in Zanzibar

Sept 2004 Issue 79 Electricity from Natural Gas now in Tanzania; Tanzanian Terror Suspect Captured in Pakistan; The Rise of Television in Tanzania; News from the Faiths

Jan 2005 Issue 80 Water Privatisation Under Fire; Tanzania’s Increasing International Role; Local Elections show the Strength of the Parties; The Digital Divide; Death of Joan Wicken

May 2005 Issue 81 President Mkapa’s Achievements; Eleven CCM Candidates Fight for Presidency; A Celebration of Judges; Bongo Flava; The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Sept 2005 Issue 82 Election Guide; Tanzania & Zimbabwe; Dar-es-Salaam Water – What To Do?

October 2005 Jakaya Kikwete becomes President

Jan 2006 Issue 83 Jakaya Kikwete’s great election triumph; Controversy again in Zanzibar; CCM’s Karume named as President again; CCM wins all but one seat in Unguja; CUF’s crushing victory in Pemba; An election diary and the detailed results; Tanzania’s economic achievements

May 2006
Issue 84 New President Kikwete’s Remarkable First 100 Days; The New Cabinet; Elections – The Aftermath; The Walking Dream; An Intelligent Swahili Dictionary

Sept 2006 Issue 85 President Kikwete – No Let Up; Controversy over “Darwin’s Nightmare” Film; Dare to Dream – Golden Pride Choir; Sustainable Energy Award

Jan 2007 Issue 86 The Sayings of President Kikwete; Energy Crisis; An Ngawala’s Long Journey; Tradition vs Modernity; Tanzanian Football Success

May 2007 Issue 87 Breakthrough in Zanzibar ? Radar Purchase Saga; Bishops face Schism in Dar; Stop Biopiracy ! The Dar Stock Exchange

Sept 2007 Issue 88 Tanzania loses two stalwart former chiefs; Zanzibar negotiations collapse? Heated debates in parliament; Upendo Leprosy Centre, Arusha; Tanzanian Affairs did not come up to scratch

Jan 2008 Issue 89 Corruption – The main allegations, Opposition on the attack, Public and donor agency reactions; End of Railways Corporation and a new Air Tanzania; Tanzania and the Kenya Elections

May 2008 Issue 90 Kikwete’s Growing International Prestige; Corruption: – More Revelations – Prime Minister Resigns – Cabinet Dissolved; Zanzibar – a Big Disappointment

Sept 2008 Issue 91 Anti-Corruption Crusade Continues; Changes in the Mining Industry ? Two Issues in Zanzibar; Bishops and Homosexuality; Hyena Square

Jan 2009 Issue 92 Former cabinet ministers Yona and Mramba arrested; Tanzania and Obama; Bridal showers in Dar; Albino atrocities; New visa rules; Connectivity for Remote Schools; Who conceived/led the way to Ujamaa?

May 2009 Issue 93 Kikwete – Test of popularity; Economic crunch begins to hit; Condoms passionately condemned; Foreign fishing boat caught; ‘Comic Relief’ & ‘The Apprentice’

Sept 2009 Issue 94 Agriculture the new priority; Tanzania’s flourishing democracy; Zanzibar, the Union and Oil; Dar explodes; New trend in by-elections

Jan 2010 Issue 95 Zanzibar – Reconciliation at last? Rifts in CCM and CHADEMA; Railways in trouble; Praise for Tanzania as Ngara camps finally close; Loliondo Land Rights

May 2010 Issue 96 Election Fever; Tanzania & China; Tanzanian Ivory; Air crash in Mwanza; Obituary Rashidi Kawawa

Sept 2010 Issue 97 October 2010 – Election Guide; The Serengeti Road; The Nile – deadlock; Troubled railways and airline; Hunting controversy; Brazil football team in Dar; Obituary Mary Boyd

October 2010 Jakaya Kikwete starts second term

Jan 2011 Issue 98 2010 Election Results; Ongoing Corruption Cases; Dar-es-Salaam Construction Boom; Amboni Caves Threatened; Obituary Remmy Ongala

May 2011 Issue 99 Dramatic U-Turn on Constitution; The Arrival of Chadema; The Loliondo Phenomenon; Second Armoury Explosion; The Kilimanjaro Marathon; Obituary Christine Lawrence

Sept 2011 Issue 100 36 Years of Tanzanian Affairs; Some of our Contributors; The BAE Problem; Tanzania & Libya; Behaviour of MPs; Famine in 42 Districts

Jan 2012 Issue 101 50th Anniversary of Independence; Ambitious Plans to end Energy Crisis; Bumpy Ride for the Constitution; Big Gold-Thankyou & Goodbye? Education-New Developments; VSO-50 years of Partnership

May 2012 Issue 102 Arumeru By-Election Bombshell; Big New Gas Discovery; Constitution Review Commission; Attempt to Remove PM Fails; Soda Ash and the Flamingoes

Sept 2012 Issue 103 Six Ministers Fall in Drive against Corruption; Malawi-Tanzania Border Dispute; The Mpemba Effect; Doctors Strike; Election Appeal Verdicts

Jan 2013 Issue 104 Big Progress in Transport; Death of a Journalist; A Tale of Two Museums; Meaning in Miscellanea; Faith News

May 2013 Issue 105 Even More Gas Discovered; Exam Results Bombshell; Rising Religious Tensions; The Maasai & the Foreign Hunters; Volunteering Changed my Life

Sept 2013 Issue 106 The Race for the State House; President Obama’s Visit; Surprises in Draft Constitution; Tanzania in a Turbulent World; Shangaa – Art Surprising the US

Jan 2014 Issue 107 British Aid – New Direction; Mandela and Tanzania; Chadema’s Crisis; Transport in Dar es Salaam; Visiting Kilwa Kisiwani

May 2014 Issue 108 Operation Tokomeza; Constitution Review – More Heat than Light; Low Confidence in the Economy

Sept 2014 Issue 109 World War I in East Africa “who cares about native carriers?”; Mobile Money; Constitutional Deadlock

Jan 2015 Issue 110 Energy Scandal claims 2 Senior Politicians; Tanzanai & Extractives – another twist?; Argicultural Marketing – Make or Break?

May 2015 Issue 111 Analysis of the Proposed Constitution; Swahili as the Medium of Instruction in Schools

Sept 2015 Issue 112 Election Edition – Magufuli vs Lowassa; Petroleum Bill; Ruaha’s “Missing” Elephants

October 2015 John Magufuli becomes President

Jan 2016 Issue 113 2015 Election & Results; Zanzibar – Votes Annulled; Magufuli: “Work and Nothing Else”; Trouble at Dar es Salaam Port

May 2016 Issue 114 Magufuli’s “cleansing” operation; Zanzibar Election Re-Run; Nyerere Bridge Opens;

Sept 2016 Issue 115 Magufuli – the First Six Months; Zanzibar; Rwanda & Tanzania; Education;

2017 Ben Taylor takes over as Editor

Jan 2017 Issue 116 A new editor after 30 years; One year into Magufuli’s Presidency; Earthquake in Kagera; Tanzania & Morocco;

May 2017 Issue 117 War on Drugs Takes Worrying Twist; World Bank President in Tanzania; New Footprints Found at Laetoli;

Aug 2017 Issue 118 Mining Sector – The Mineral Sands Export Saga; Challenge to Schooling Ban for Pregnant Girls; Key “Escrow” Suspects Arrested;

Jan 2018 Issue 119 President Magufuli cites successes,
while activists cry foul; Peacekeepers killed in Eastern DRC; Action in Maasai land dispute;

May 2018 Issue 120 Political tensions continue to rise; Policing concerns; Archiving project on Mafia;

Sept 2018 Issue 121 Defections to CCM; Govt defends Stiegler’s Gorge Project; Obituary – Derek Ingram;

Jan 2019 Issue 122 President Magufuli celebrates three years achievements; Mo Dewji Abduction Drama; Ferry Tragedy; Rebeca Gyumi awarded UN Human Rights Prize;

May 2019 Issue 123 Lowassa returns to CCM; Seif and Zitto join forces; Njombe child murders; Footballing success;

Sept 2019 Issue 124 Feathers Ruffled in CCM; Plastic Bag Ban; TSh 33 trillion annual budget;

Jan 2020 Issue 125 Aftermath of 2019 Local Elections; Mangi Meli remains;

May 2020 Issue 126 Covid-19 hits Tanzania; World Bank approves $500m education loan; Mbwana Samatta joins Aston Villa;

Sept 2020 Issue 127 Elections 2020;

October 2020 President Magufuli re-elected.

Jan 2021 Issue 128 Election Results; Biography of Julius Nyerere;

March 2021 Following the death of President Magufuli, President Samia Suluhu Hassan is sworn in.

May 2021 Issue 129 Tanzania Bids Farewell to President Magufuli; Introducing President Samia Suluhu Hassan;

Sept 2021 Issue 130 Samia’s First Six Months; Freeman Mbowe Arrested; Who lent his name to Stiegler’s Gorge?

Jan 2022 Issue 131 Cabinet Reshuffle; Abdulrazakh Gurnah wins Nobel Prize; Roads & Bridges

May 2022 Issue 132 Mbowe Charges Dropped; Changes within CCM; TUHEDA makes progress

Sept 2022 Issue 133 Relocation of people from Ngorongoro; President Hassan’s letter to Tanzanians; Arusha bypass opens

Jan 2023 Issue 134 Progress towards Reconciliation; Hydropower & Energy; Fatal air crash raises tough questions; Serengeti Girls success

May 2023 Issue 135 President Samia Attends Opposition Event; Tundu Lissu Returns to Tanzania; Oil Pipeline Gets Approval

Sept 2023 Issue 136 Port deal sparks heated controversy; Solar power plants under construction; English – a barrier to learning

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