Editorial Team

Tanzanian Affairs is a four monthly publication of news and current affairs in Tanzania. It is edited by Ben Taylor, with assistance from David Brewin, Donovan McGrath, Jacob Knight and others. Book reviews are edited by Martin Walsh. Electronic publication is by Jacob Knight.

All material is copyright, do not reproduce in any form without the author’s consent. If you are a contributor and would like your article removed from the site, please contact us.

The editorial team may be contacted by email at: editor_AT_tzaffairs_DOT_org

Publication reference  ISSN 0952-2948

Previous editors of Tanzanian Affairs were:
Professor Terence Ranger (1975-1978 – Issues 1 to 6)
Mr John Arnold (1978-1984 – Issues 7 to 18)
David Brewin (1984-2016 – Issues 19 to 115)

Previous reviews editors include:
John Cooper-Poole
Marion Doro
John Budge
Micheal Wise

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