It would be useful if this Bulletin were able to offer every six months an integrated summary of the current situation in Tanzania. This issue certainly does not aspire to do so. It consists of five segments. It begins with Tanzanian statements on the Rhodesian issue. It continues with an article about the need for new techniques of building houses in Tanzania’s villages. The contrast is deliberate. Tanzania operates with effect on the scale of world affairs but much of the crucial change and planning for change happens at the very local level and in regard to the fundamentals of village life. The third section is a digest of Tanzanian news, which moves in the same way from the overall economic position of Tanzania and its foreign policy to planned change at the village level. Then comes a fourth section reporting on life in the rural areas from the perspective of an Anglican missionary – a report particularly appropriate in the centenary year of the UMCA in Tanzania. Finally there is a review article on three recent books on Tanzania, each of which does attempt to interpret the totality of the Tanzanian situation and each of which tests its interpretation through its own estimate of what is happening locally.

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