Issue 10 cover

Bulletin of Tanzanian Affairs No.10 – July 1980

The Economy
Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
The National Milling Corporation
The Sisal Industry
The Debate on Ujamaa: Villagisation and food production
– Comments on three articles on Villagisation and Food Production published in recent editions of the Journal of Modern African Studies – John Arnold
– Review of ‘Ujamaa Villages in Tanzania – analysis of a social experiment’ by Michaela von Freyhold – J. Roger Carter
Digest of Tanzanian News – Graham Mytton
A comment on ‘Towards Socialism in Tanzania’ by Mwansasu & Pratt – Daniel Mbunda

Editor’s note

The arrangement of the contents of the Bulletin attempts to distinguish between contributions which simply report events and those which provide opinion and interpretation.

The information sections depend on what we believe to be reliable sources, but there will inevitably he some discrepancies, which we can only hope will be clarified in future reports. For example, I have seen at least three widely varying figures for the amount and terms of the World Bank loan to Tanzania.

Where opinions are expressed, they are, of course, those of the contributors and not of the Society and readers must form their own judgments where opinions differ.

John Arnold
Department of Adult Education,
University of Southampton,
SO9 5NH.

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