Issue 17 cover

Bulletin of Tanzanian Affairs
Issued by the Britain-Tanzania Society

No. 17 JULY 1983

Transport – with assistance from Peter White
Tanzania and the International Monetary Fund – Roger Carter
Religion and Society in Tanzania – C.K. Omari
The Campaign against Economic Saboteurs – John Arnold
Economic Sabotage Law – Roger Carter
The Human Resources Deployment Act 1983 – John Arnold
Book review: Gillman of Tanganyika by Dr. B.S. Hoyle – Paul Fordham
Digest of Tanzanian News – Graham Mytton, Daniel Mbunda and Others

We make no apology for carrying another article on Tanzania and the International Monetary Fund despite the absence of any dramatic developments since we last referred to the subject in July, 1981, and some further references in January, 1982. The attitudes of the world monetary organisations towards Tanzania and the Third World generally are of such crucial importance to their economic and political survival that it is vital that we do all in our power to publicise the case for a new approach to the problems of poor countries. We make no claim to offering a solution to this immensely complicated question, but we hope that our analysis of some immediate aspects of it will make a positive contribution.

In this issue we carry an article by Professor C.K. Omari, the Head of the Department of Sociology in the University of Dar es Salaam. His subject is the interaction of religion and society in Tanzania. Religion is one of the underlying factors in the life of the country that cannot be ignored, though it is less easy to assess with confidence its role. Professor Omari’s article provides us with a useful introduction to this subject and offers us some interesting figures on the religious composition of Government and the party as well as the ‘religious geography’ of Tanzania.

John Arnold
Department of Adult Education, University of Southampton, Southampton S09 SEE

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