The Southern Paper Mills at Mgololo in Mufindi District produced its first paper on May Day in a series of initial trials. The Tshs. 2.5 billion project began in 1978 and is intended to produce 20,000 tonnes of paper annually during its first phase and eventually 75,000 tonnes, thus making the country self-sufficient in all its paper needs. Tanzania spends about Tshs. 40 million on paper imports of 30,000 tonnes a year. The surplus will be available for export. The initial trials were conducted on imported pulp, but this will give way to pulp from trees in the nearby Sao Hill Forest Project. Seven donor agencies are contributing to the costs of this project.

The Zanzibar Government has declared the 95 hectare Stonetown area of the town to be a conserved location following the recommendations of the UN Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT). There will be a Government loan scheme to help owners of buildings and assistance for the renovation of roads and sewers. There are some 2,500 buildings with an average age of 100 years and accommodating 16,000 people in the area.


For the first time since the break-up of the East African Community in 1977 a large order for Kenya goods was exported to Tanzania in January 1985, It was a consignment of oil and was transported on the Tanzanian ship mv. Kyangumi from Kisumu to Musorna in Mara Region. On 14th. February the first freight train for eight years left Moshi for Nairobi and the train ferry ‘Victoria’ set sail from Mwanza for Kisumu.


A small irrigation scheme powered by photovoltaic solar cells has been in operation at the Shirati Mennonite Mission in Mara Region on Lake Victoria near the Kenya border for the last two years. A second scheme at the nearby village of Minigo using similar equipment began to operate in August, 1984, with financial and technical support from OXFAM. The equipment was supplied by Solar Electric International, a British firm with a base in Nairobi. The contract included a commitment by this firm to provide spare parts for maintenance.


The Building Research Unit has been developing the use of sisal fibre as reinforcement for corrugated roofing sheets.

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