Having Just read the latest issue of the Bulletin I wanted to write back to say how much I enjoyed it. It has humour (vital!) and a great deal of background information which I find keeps me in touch with what is happening in Tanzania. I wonder if you can help me over one thing. A number of years ago I read the book “A Picnic on Mt Kenya” while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The changing bands of vegetation on Mt Kilimanjaro are very similar to Kenya and so the memory of my climb of Kilimanjaro stayed with me reinforced by the reading of the book. Unfortunately I no longer have the book. I know that it was written by an Italian because he describes his adventures as a POW escaping from the foot of Mt Kenya. He climbed the mountain having broken out of the camp and then gave himself up! I wonder whether you or any of your contributors would know the writers name and publisher7 Thanking you for any help that you can give,
J K Read 16,St Edmonds Rd, Ipswich

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