Malaria continues to be the leading killer disease in Tanzania and chloroquine is becoming increasingly less effective as a cure. Between the late 1960’s and early 1980’s the effective dose of the drug for semi-immune pat tents rose from a single dose of 10 milligrammes per kilo of body weight to 25 milligrammes spread over three days. In Zanzibar even this higher dose can no longer be relied upon – Daily News

Prime Minister Joseph Warioba has announced that farmers are now free to export some non-traditional crops directly. The country’s traditional export crops are cotton. coffee, tea, tobacco, sisal, cashewnuts and pyrethrum which are exported through marketing boards. The crops which can now be exported directly include pigeon peas, green mong. yellow gram, groundnuts, simsim, fruits, flowers and spices.

Reader Mr W. Wenban-Smith has pointed out an error on page 31 of Bulletin No 36. We have now checked with the International Coffee Organisation which states that coffee production in Tanzania in the 1990 -91 season was 928,000 60 kilo bags equivalent to 55,702 tons. In 1989-90 production totalled 858,000 bags. We have not been able to obtain the earlier figures – Editor.

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