In Bulletin No 33 in describing DANTAN it was said that the Britain-Tanzania Society is aged 11 years. In fact it is now 16 years since its inauguration. In Bulletin No 37 the Obituary Notice for Sir Bernard de Bunsen describes correctly how, after preliminary exploration from 1972, the Society was set up in January 1975. The recent AGM on 12 October 1990 was the fifteenth AGM and related to the year 1989-1990.
Mary Boyd
Oops! Editor

You recently published an article by my son on some archaeological sites in Tanzania which I hope your readers enjoyed. I am a trustee of the Southern Africa Studies Trust which supports the work of the Centre for Southern African Studies at the University of York. For our purposes Tanzania, as a member of the SADCC, is within the Centre’s area of expertise. The Centre is the only significant multi-disciplinary academic unit in Europe concerned exclusively with teaching about and research into the affairs of Southern Africa. It has also helped to build an important documentary archive and regularly organises conferences and seminars. Its teaching is at the post-graduate level but currently, although the demand for places remains high, student numbers are restricted by lack of funds and scholarships for students from Britain and Africa. Further information about the Centre and Trust is obtainable from the University of York, Heslington, York YOl 5DD. Telephone 0904 433670.
Eric Vines
(Mr Eric Vines is the former British Ambassador to Mozambique).

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