As part of ‘Africa 95’, a festival of African arts being presented in Britain from August to December this year, the Royal African society is organising an international conference titled ‘Mediums of Change’ at the School of Oriental and African studies from September 29 to October 1. Tanzanians taking part will be:
ABDULRAZAK GURNAH – Novelist, who teaches literature at the University of Kent;
EVERELYN NICODEMUS – Painter and writer; and
PENINA MLAMA – Playwright, Professor of Drama, University of Dar es Salaam.
Details from Richard House – Tel: 0171 637 4388/4389

Tanzania is planning a $1 million-a-year tourism promotion campaign to make tourism its main foreign currency earner (ahead of coffee) Mr Peter Mwenguo, Director of Marketing for the Tanzania Tourist Board announced recently. Last year Tanzania received 300,000 tourists who spent some $240 million. This compares with 230,000 and $147 million the previous year.
Recently published material includes a 36-page colour news quarterly, and the ‘Tantravel’ magazine. A 96-page in-flight magazine featuring the Serengeti National Park was published in cooperation with Lufthansa in January – East African.


Four alleged Muslim fundamentalists have been sentenced to four years imprisonment each after being found guilty of rioting, stealing and damaging pork butcheries in Dar es Salaam – Daily News.

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