The UN’s Annual Development Cooperation Report for 1996 revealed that the total aid received by Tanzania in 1996 was $906.4 million (65% in the form of grants) l 1.4% higher than in the previous year and equivalent to $3 1.16 per person compared with $28.8 the previous year. Japan was the leading bilateral donor followed by Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Bilateral donors provided 53.% of the aid, multilateral agencies led by the World Bank provided 44.4%. Transport (14.7%) and public administration (12.3%) were the sectors which benefited most.

Recent aid includes: UNDP -$66 million for equipment to be used in the fight against ALDS in Zanzibar. The WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME (for nine months starting in December 1997) -$33 million for relief food in 48 districts. DENMARK -Shs 30 billion for rehabilitation of the Dar es Salaam-Chalinze Road and improvements to the Wami Bridge. NORWAY -Shs 2.67 billion for a 33/11 Kilovolt sub-station at Changombe to alleviate low voltage problems and Shs 355 million for research work at the Sokoine University of Agriculture JAPAN -$181,000 for improvements to the Dodoma water supply and rehabilitation of the Malangali Secondary School and $80,000 to ESAURP for a programme of education in democracy. GERMANY -S11s 3.5 million for medicine to fight cholera in Zanzibar. BRITAIN -a patrol boat (Shs 10 million) to be used against drug trafficking and dynamite fishing. SOUTH AFRICA -two tons of construction equipment and four tons of medical supplies to alleviate damaged caused by the floods in January. The EU -Shs 22 billion for rehabilitation of 2,700 kms of roads in Rungwe and Iringa regions. FINLAND -Shs 296 million for local govemnent reform. BELGIUM -Shs 5 1 billion to repair damage on the Central railway and Shs 16 billion for banana and water projects in the Kagera Region. FRANCE -Shs 10 million to help combat cholera in Kagera, Maswa and Zanzibar. The WORLD BANK/IDA -$21.8 million for agricultural research. AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK -Shs 2.55 billion for health rehabilitation projects.

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