JOHN CHRISTIE (69) died in Edinburgh on March 27. He was in the Tanganyika administrative service in Same, Lindi and Dar es Salaam from 1953 to 1959 (Thank you Brian Harris for this information -Editor)

PATRICK C DUFF CMG died in his sleep in Winchester on March 30 after a short illness. He had been in the administrative service m Tanganyika for many years and was a frequent contributor to TA.

During a long career in all three countries of East Africa DAVID HINES (83) strove to encourage subsistence farmers to develop cash crop farming. From 1947 to 1959 he helped to develop the rapidly growing agricultural cooperative movement before moving to Uganda to become Commissioner of Cooperatives (Thank you Ron Fennell for this -Editor).

(87) described in the Sunday Observer as educator, politician, emancipator, diplomat and tireless fighter for women’s liberation died in Sweden on December 12. She was the headmistress of girls secondary schools in Tabora and Kashasha in Bukoba many years ago; she became a Tanzanian citizen and was a Tanzanian MP for 11 years. She was an important instrument in setting up close relations between Tanzania and the Nordic countries when she was posted as Counselor at the Tanzanian embassy in Stockholm in 1970. She served on both university councils and was a force behind the 1971 Marriage Act which granted Tanzanian women full legal status.

PAT LEWIS MM who died on February 5 served as an agricultural Field Officer from 1948 to 1962 in Tanga, Moshi, Malya, Songea and Lindi (Thank you Bill Dodd for sending this information -Editor)

Former cabinet minister JOHN MHAVILLE (69) who died on March 16 was also a former Secretary General of TANU, and of the Cooperative Union of Tanganyika and recently a board member of the Tanzania Tea Board.

SISTER STELLA (101) died on February 2 having spent much of her life in Tanzania with the Community of the Sacred Passion serving the religious and social needs of the local population, for some time with Bishop Trevor Huddleston at Masasi and latterly in Dar es Salaam. She completed seventy years of service on January 1 last -John Budge.

Zanzibar’s fourth president, IDRIS ABDUL WAKIL (74) died of a heart attack on March 15 after a long illness. During a long life of public service President Wakil was Speaker of the Zanzibar House of Representatives for five years, occupied several cabinet posts in both the Zanzibar and Union governments, was Tanzanian ambassador in West Germany, the Netherlands, Guinea and China before becoming President of Zanzibar for five years from 1985. He was given a state funeral at his Makunduchi village which was attended by President Mkapa, many other leaders and thousands of mourners. In its obituary the Guardian said that President Wakil had been one of the architects of Zanzibar’s independence, was the only intellectual to join the African Association in the early days and then, in 1956, he joined the Afro-Shirazi Party. He clashed with his father who was a member of the Zanzibar Nationalist party.

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