The well known bearded British former Labour MP ANDREW FAULDS (77) who died on May 31 was born in Tanganyika. In its obituary The Times wrote: ‘True to his African origins he was throughout his life a passionate opponent of apartheid and a champion of both the Third World and the ethnic minorities in Britain. After Rhodesia’s unilateral declaration of independence he astonished colleagues by demanding that Prime Minister Ian Smith should be executed.

The Anglican Church in Kings Somborne, Hampshire, was packed for the Catholic Requiem Mass given at the funeral of FREDA MARCHANT on June 13. She had spent 16 years in Tanganyika during many of which she served as a Nursing Sister in various parts of the country. She had been married from 1954 to Paul Marchant an administrative officer/district commissioner. She was active in helping various charities during her retirement in Britain.

JOHN PEARCE CMG (84) died from cancer of the liver on February 27 in Queensland, Australia. After an impressive period of service as district/provincial commissioner in various parts of Tanganyika he worked closely with the newly appointed Prime Minister Julius Nyerere (in 1961) who asked him to stay on after independence. But he declined on the grounds that this role should be undertaken by a local person (Thank you Mrs Pearce for letting us have this sad news and also Ron Neath for sending us the obituary published in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ -Editor).

WILLIAM (BILL) WENBAN-SMITH CMG CBE (91) who died on January 3 served in Julius Nyerere’s first (pre-independence) cabinet as Minister for Education and Social Affairs. Prior to that he had spent 23 years in up-country administration and five years in Dar es Salaam as Director of Establishments.

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