A Tanzanian from Moshi, Angela Nkya, fifth-year architecture student at Iowa State University in US, has won the $3,000 annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence.
The Sunday Observer (August 1) quoted Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Pius Ng’wandu, as saying that using the giant pouched rat to detect smell, vapours or explosives used in anti-personnel landmines, could complement existing methods in this important field if well developed. “Apparently, during civil unrest the best lands become also the best sites used by minelayers to deter the adversary” he said. A Belgian de-mining organisation, the University of Antwerp, together with the Sokoine University, signed a memorandum of collaboration in 2001 to undertake research on the possibility of using the rat to detect by smell vapours of explosives used in anti-personnel landmines.

The Guardian reported on June 16 that computer software giant Microsoft will release at the end of this year a computer operating system in Kiswahili.
Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda have obtained international registration and a patent for Lake Victoria’s Nile Perch to establish themselves as sole exporters of this type of fish to Europe. The move is aimed at protecting the perch, popularly known in Tanzania as Sangara, against potential threats in its main export market. There were threats from exporters of similar kinds of fish from Asia – Guardian.

Mtanzania has reported that Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Abdulkadir Shareef said on August 5th that Tanzania was to send 100 troops to Sudan as part of the African peace keeping force.

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