President Mkapa has announced that the Government has started implementing the Secondary Education Development Programme (SEDP) 2004-2009 aimed at ensuring that at least half of those finishing primary school get places in secondary schools. There are currently 433,000 students in secondary schools and the target is to have two million by 2010. He said that the Government would give a subsidy of TShs 7 million for every classroom and TShs 9 million for every teacher’s house built. The Government would also give a subsidy of TShs 10,000/- to every secondary school student in non-governmental schools, except seminaries and those operated for profit. The President said the government was aware of the presence of a big number of orphans and other children whose parents were unable to pay their school fees and had decided to double the number of students it supported from the present 6,000 to 12,000 per year – Guardian.

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