The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewage Corporation (DAWASCO) has started to disconnect some 40,000 non-paying customers. At the end of July some DAWASCO staff were temporarily detained by angry customers who attempted to resist water disconnection, demanding an explanation. There was then further drama when staff caught up with a fleet of 25 trucks harvesting water from its pipes illegally at the Ubungo National Housing Flats area in the middle of the night. DAWASCO has sacked 17 workers who had allegedly colluded with consumers to cheat.

Meanwhile opposition MP’s said that the Prime Minister (then Minister for Water) should be held responsible for the loss that resulted from the termination of the City Water contract with the government (see earlier issues of TA). The case has been brought by British firm Biwater, City Water’s holding company in London. The MP’s noted that funds to support the defence in the case had been amongst the priorities in the Ministry of Water’s 2006/2007 budget – Guardian.

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