All reports indicate that the face of Dar es Salaam has changed in recent weeks following government action at the beginning of September to remove young vendors, who were such a prominent feature of the street scene. The operation went smoothly and compensation was to be paid to those whose property had been damaged. One vendor whose stall had been removed to one of the designated areas said: “The beginning was tough but with time, we will get used to the new environment and do good business.’’

kongo beforeKongo District of Dar-es-Salaam before the action

Kongo afterKongo after the action

Similar action was taken in Zanzibar in November. Police had a heated exchange of words with security guards at the Anglican Church after they broke the church gate so as to collect equipment kept in the church compound by street vendors. Police demanded that the gates should be opened but this was not done and they then broke the gate. Church guards protested loudly and even threatened legal action but, according to Mwananchi, the police were not in the mood to listen. Acting Bishop of Zanzibar Diocese, Nuhu Salanya, appeared on the scene and found the police carting away the equipment. Earlier, the police went around Zanzibar town evicting more than 300 vendors and destroying their kiosks and tables. At one point they threatened members of the press corps who were taking pictures.

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