The UN has begun to advocate mass male circumcision in HIV/Aids stricken Southern African nations. Several recent medical studies have confirmed that circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection among men by 50-60 per cent, and the findings have been backed by UNAIDS.

However, in Tanzania, the Government remained cautious. “We cannot rush into this idea. We want to conduct a thorough study on the suggestions and get clear evidence before incorporating the idea in our HIV/Aids policy framework” said Health and Social Welfare Minister, Prof. David Mwakyusa. He admitted that the prevalence rate in certain coast and central areas in Tanzania was low due to male circumcision. “I am talking to experts who are meeting in Arusha. I hope they will come up with sound suggestions and advise the government accordingly” – Guardian.

The government has assured the public that, Rift Valley Fever, which had been widespread for more than five months, is now under total control.

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