VISA application fees to the United Kingdom were reduced from November 5. British High Commission Press and Political Officer John Bradshaw said that this followed a rise in the value of the Tanzanian Shilling. A six months multiple entry visit visa is now TShs157,000 instead of 176,000/-, while a long term validity visit visa is TShs 500,000 instead of TShs 560,000. Under the new setup there will be no interview for those submitting all relevant documentation that is required. The High Commission has stepped up its control over issuance of entry clearance by taking biometric fingerprints to reduce the influx of illegal immigrants into Britain. The mission has also started on-line visa applications to cope with the long queues at Umoja House.

An MCC team defeated Zanzibar Cricket Stars by 133 runs to 88 in a friendly international. A big crowd saw how the islanders gave the British team a ‘good run for its money’. Deputy British High Commissioner, Tony Brennan, who played on the MCC side, lauded the island team for its high standard. He said the MCC expected to meet even stiffer competition when they meet again in 2008.

Parliament’s Speaker Samuel Sitta has explained how he was now wearing a new gown made in the UK. “It took long to finish as it was stitched with gold thread.” However, he said, he would continue wearing the old gown that had been in use for 12 years, “After all it is not exactly in tatters” he said – Habari Leo.

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