Issue 15 cover

Bulletin of Tanzanian Affairs
No 15
JULY 1982

1. Reports from Party Congress and Parliament
2. Tanzanian Policy with respect to the war in Lebanon: A message from President Nyerere to the Security Council
3. The hijacking of a Tanzanian aircraft, February, 1982: Statement by the Tanzanian High Commissioner
4. The Reconstruction of Tanzania’s Economy
5. Mwongozo- The CCM Guidelines, 1981
6. Tanzania’s food problem – J. Roger Carter
7. Preventive Detention- a BBC Report – Martha Honey
8. Decent Housing for all Tanzanians – Ian McCalman
9. Book reviews:
‘Tanzania- a Political Economy’ by Andrew Coulson – John Arnold
‘Development and Religion in Tanzania’ by Jan P. van Bergen – Michael Butler
‘Mozambique and Tanzania- Asking the Big Questions’ by Frances Moore Lappe and Adele Beccar-Varela – Ruth Carr
10. Digest of Tanzanian News – Graham Mytton

We have included a review of ‘Mozambique and Tanzania – asking the Big Questions’ with some misgivings, because its critical conclusions do not seem to be based on adequate research. Lack of time to talk to ordinary folk and ignorance of local languages must be regarded as a handicap in drawing firm conclusions about local consultation and initiative. However, the book is now available and its pretentious title might lure readers into thinking that it had something important to say. To offset my possible prejudice, I found a sympathetic reviewer.

It goes without saying that the Britain-Tanzania Society is not responsible for any of the opinions in this Bulletin, which are those of the authors.

John Arnold
Department of Adult Education, University of Southampton, Southampton, S09 5NH.

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