At President Nyerere’s press conference at Claridges Hotel most of the questions were about South Africa, but on Tanzania there were the following questions and answers:
Q. Did you seek further British aid during your visit?
A. No. It was no& my object on this visit.
Q. Why are you retiring now?
A. I have done thirty years- seven years of struggle and twenty three years of leadership in independence. That is plenty. I am retiring now because there will be elections in October and I am not standing for President. My duty is to help the country over its transition to a new leadership.
Q. Who will be the next leader?
A. I have no idea. There are plenty of able people. We shall be meeting in early July to consider the matter.
Q. As a Christian, can you not now agree to a reconciliation after all these years with Oscar Kambona?
A. We didn’t ask him to leave. He is a self-exile. He can come back and live in Tanzania.
Q. How serious was the threat to your Government of the army mutinies in 1964?
A. It was quite serious…and unexpected. I can’t understand how it happened. I can understand the reasons as far as the situation in Zanzibar was concerned, but not how it happened first in Tanzania and then spread to Uganda and Kenya. Somebody should do some research.
Q. How did you survive?
A. I wasn’t shot!


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