Tanzania has commended the British Institute in East Africa for the good work it has done in promoting research into the country’s past and helping educational institutions to build a broader base of knowledge in that direction, At a recent exhibition entitled “500 Years Ago in East Africa” at the National Museum in Dar es Salaam Mr Jackson Makweta, the Tanzanian Minister of Education underscored the usefulness of exhibitions as reflectors of the past which could help the nation plan the future.

According to the Museums Director, Dr. Fidel Masao, the period depicted the beginning of state formation in East Africa. “Previous archaeological findings have not been of large communities, only two or three people” he said. The exhibition on the ancient irrigation cultivators of Engaruka, Arusha region, showed the earliest evidence of a large settlement community – Daily News

Two hundred and ninety seven of some 500 students at the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro have been suspended. They refused to stay three in a room in hostels designed for double occupancy. The University administration pointed out that the new requirement was a temporary measure pending completion of an additional hostel. The new hostel, estimated to cost Shs 9.0 million, and to accommodate sixty students should have been completed this year but because of lack of funds construction had to be stopped from July to September last year. It is now expected to be completed in 1988 – Daily News

The French Oil Company TOTAL has bought a 31,000 acre farm in Kinu Valley, Babati from the National Agricultural and Food Corporation (NAFCO). The Company intends to undertake production of essential oil seeds, beans, flowers and coffee for export and sugar cane, rice and barley for local consumption. A ranch is also to be established. This is only one example of an increasing trend in recent months for major international enterprises to invest in Tanzania’s agriculture in support of new Government policies. Britain’s Lonrho has also announced recently a substantial investment programme in Tanzanian agriculture.

Kr Gerry Finch the organiser of the annual gathering known as the Tanganyika Reunion has asked us to indicate that the next reunion will be held at the Royal Commonwealth Society on Friday August 21st at 6.15 p.m. All who attend regularly will be informed in the usual way but any others wishing to participate are invited to get in touch with the organiser at 23,Frobisher Court, Sydenham Rise, London 23. Tel 699 7836.

Mr Brlan J. Hartley (79), a renowned authority on one humped camels (Camelus dromedarius) plans to start camel rearing in northern Tanzania. He arrived recently in Longido, Arusha with some camels and has formed a company “The Tanganyika Camel Company” under which he plans to establish a breeding ground. According to Mr. Hartley’s son Kim Hartley, the main objective is to influence the Maasai to use the Animal.

Mr Kim Hartley said that his father had already introduced the camel to Wasamburu in Kenya.

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