The Government has lifted the ban on Sunday driving imposed in 1974 to control the usage of fuel following rocketing oil prices. The Government indicated that it believed that recovery efforts would be expedited if citizens, including those with motor vehicles, were able to travel to and participate in agricultural activities on Sundays ..

Oil consumes more than half of Tanzania’s foreign exchange earnings and the driving ban had contributed to savings. Sunday News writer Adam Lusekelo indicated however that, for some people things would not really change.
“Our strategy was classified material” he wrote “but now that the ban has been lifted, we might as well narrate some of our ban beating manoeuvres.

“We approached the road block in our rickety pick-up. As was expected, the car cop stopped us with great authority. He stood in the middle of the road. I thought that was foolhardy because half the Dar es Salaam cars don’t have brakes.
We showed it to him.
Registration card?
He got that too.
Sunday driving permit?
That is when all of us concentrated on our supporting roles to the star – the young lady we were with. She ‘inexplicably’, burst into tears. The rest of us wore long and sorrowful faces.
What’s wrong? asked the now flabbergasted cop.
Its just that (..sniff..), it’s just that … one of us renowned for his acting skills moaned, we have been to a funeral …
The magic word funeral worked. You know how we rally to each other when it comes to funerals.
He let us through.
True enough there was drink and fresh air at the beach hotel. And lots of official cars too – their owners on duty quaffing beer.
Or you can try something else.
The best method of all was to buy a football. No, not to play with. You tie it round the girl’s midriff and make sure that she is wearing a maternity dress …… “

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