Zanzibar Chief Minister, Mr. Seif Shariff Hamed, has blamed the restive political situation in Zanzibar on disgruntled elements who are disillusioned by the socio-political changes which have steadily. whittled away their personal prestige and economic interests. Mr. Hamad, who was visibly angry, told Police and investigating officials at a meeting on July 7th that he denied allegations that, by accepting aid from Gulf countries or by liberalising trade and investment policies, the Zanzibar Government had abandoned socialism or compromised on the isles’ sovereignty.

He said the ongoing economic and structural reform were for the public good and not intended to blindly embrace capitalism or hand over Zanzibar to foreigners as claimed by its detractors. He described the disproportionate opposition to the Government’s policies as crocodile tears by those who had hitherto thrived on political terror and exploitation of the islanders – Daily News

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