This latter Parliamentary event persuaded Sunday News humorous writer Adam Lusekelo to put pen to paper. He commented “The Governent’s Chief Law Officer feels that people who move about with a lot of money or sleep on mattresses stuffed with millions should be asked why they are doing that. If they don’t give a sufficient answer they will be punished.

Now this could be tricky. Is someone telling us how we should spend our money? I thought how I should spend my money was none of anybody’s bloody business.

Of course, I could understand if the Chief Law Officer was concerned with people who stuffed money in their right pockets …. you could then be charged with the unforgivable in ideological crimes. It could just mean that you are a rightist capitalist roader. And rightist capitalist roaders will never sway us from our cherished goals of socialism.

But then dear reader, the million dollar question is – what are we supposed to do with the money?
Bank it ?
But our ancient banking system still demands that you write a Cheque and then wait for hours while watching pretty bank clerks swinging their derrieres now this way, now that …..

The only remedy is to have a girl friend in your local branch. Which doesn’t sit well in this age of that deadly terror called immunodeficiency virus.

If you don’t have a girlfriend then you may end up parting with some of your money just to jog up the mind of a bank clerk who has been feigning total memory loss on where your Cheque is …. ”

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