The 1987 Annual Report of Britain’s Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) highlights the work of the British volunteers helping in the fight against the grain borer beetle. It states that it was in 1982 that the first VSO research officer assisted in trials for the control of the ‘Dumuzi’ beetle and started work in the villages. By 1987 requests were coming in for nine pest control officers from VSO to help Tanzanian agricultural extension workers spread the message about the threat to maize posed by the beetle. (A fuller account of this work is to be found in Bulletin No. 29 – Editor)

The VSO report also indicates the nature of the work undertaken by the 80 volunteers who were working in Tanzania last year:

Agriculture 4
Forestry/Horticulture 2
Agricultural Science 5
Fisheries 1
Primary Health Care 4
Rehabilitation 4
Paramedicals 1
Mechanical Technicians 3
Construction Technicians/Technical Teachers 3
Other Technical Workers 1
English Teachers 13
Maths/Science Teachers 12
Other Subject Teachers 1
Teacher Training 19
Librarians 2
Business Development 2
Community Workers 1
Field Co-ordinators 1

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