The Presidential Salaries Review Commission (The Nsekela Team) has recommended many changes in government structures in its report recently released.

Amongst the proposals are the following:
– Abolition of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture, Youth and Sports;
– Principal Secretary posts should be fairly permanent appointments and renamed Permanent Secretary;
– The P.S. in the President’s Office should be re-designated Chief Secretary;
– A National Planning Commission should be set up;
– Information Services should be transferred to the President’s Office from the Prime Minister’s office;
– The activities of the Presidential Standing Committee on Parastatal Organisations should be transferred to a new Public Enterprise Board;
– The Anti-Corruption Squad should be part of the Police;
– The number of Diplomatic Missions in Africa should be reduced;
– Regional and District Commissioner posts should be in the Civil Service;

The Government is considering the report – Daily News.

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