Tanzania has a new High Commissioner in London. He is Mr John S. Malecela (55) originally from Dodoma region and previously the holder of a range of very senior positions in government. He was Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1972 to 1975, Minister for Agriculture (1975-80), Minister for Minerals (1980-82) and Minister for Communications/Transport/Works (1982-85). At earlier stages in his career he was Ambassador to the United Nations in New York and Ambassador in Ethiopia. In 1985 he was a member of the ‘Commonwealth Group of Eminent Persons’ dealing with the problem of South Africa. The months of June and July 1989 witnessed a flurry of farewell parties in London and Dar es Salaam as incumbent High Commissioners departed and the arrival of the new High Commissioners was awaited.

The principal event in London, attended by some 150 persons, was a farewell to Mr and Mrs Nyakyi organised by a committee under the chairmanship of Ms Fatma Abdullah which included representatives of several Tanzanian organisations in Britain: the Tanzania Association (Chairman, Mr. Richard Mpopo), Tanzania Womens Association, Tanzania Business Group, Tanzania Sisal Marketing Association (TASMA), Tanzania Students Association, Tanzania Diamond Sorting Office (TANSORT), and the High Commission.

Mr. Uhi Mwambulukutu, Deputy High Commissioner, referred at the gathering to Mr. Nyakyi’s workaholic habits. “He stays in the office from morning to next day” he said. “I don’t know how Mrs. Nyakyi reacts!”.

Mr Mpopo, speaking on behalf of several of the sponsoring groups said that Tanzanians in Britain had been very happy to be under Mr. Nyakyi’s guidance for the last eight years. The eight years had seemed to pass very quickly; there had been no friction and many happy moments.

Meanwhile, in Dar es Salaam, Mr. Colin Imray was saying goodbye to old friends. His next posting is as High Commissioner in Bangladesh. And then, in Britain we read the:

Court Circular
June 30, 1989
Mr. John T. Masefield was received in audience by the Queen upon his appointment as British High Commissioner to the United Republic of Tanzania. Mrs Masefield had the honour of being received by Her Majesty. Mr. Masefield (50) has served in Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland and Pakistan.

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