“What has happened to the nation of the Arusha Declaration – the only country in the world with such a clearly defined policy of socialism and sef-reliance” asked Mwalimu Julius Nyerere speaking to the nation on Peasants’ Day, July 7th 1989. What curse had befallen the nation which had declared self – reliance as the basis for its development he asked.

He said Tanzania had a unique gift in that declaration but lamented the way people have gone astray in carrying out the declared policies. “In fact” he said “it appears as if we have abandoned our declaration. Even to clean sewage systems or fill in ponds which are breeding places for mosquitoes we wait for foreign donors”.

The Party Chairman underscored the need to revive the self-help spirit and undertake projects like building classrooms and teachers houses. “The children” he said pointing to the pupils who had performed a mass display “are sitting on the floor in the classroom but we sit back and wait for donors – some of whom are near thieves – to help us”. Mwalimu noted that the budget for education had declined to 4% which he said was too little to do anything substantial. “But” he added “we have plenty of soil from which we can make bricks for classrooms”.

Earlier Mwalimu expressed disgust at thefts of big sums of money from cooperative unions. He said the government mistakenly dissolved the unions but “we did not re-establish them for conmen and thieves who applauded their return so that they could make quick money” – Daily News

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