One of the main topics of discussion in Dar es Salaam at present is the subject of indigenisation i.e, assistance for African inhabitants to enable them to compete with nonindigenous people (mostly Asians) in business and other

Retired President, Mwalimu Nyerere, has made his views very clear. Addressing a press conference at his Msasani residence on December 2nd he warned that the current attempts to categorise Wananchi into indigenous people and others would wreck national unity. He said that the ‘gimmick’ was being used to sell the idea of privatisation but it smacked of racism and would lead to tribal and religious divisions.

He went on to associate privatisation with Thatcherism and Reaganomics and said that the Government should find other means to sell the policy. Mwalimu said that such alien policies had brought turmoil in Britain and the United States which were now in serious economic trouble.

On political pluralism Mwalimu expressed disappointment over the failure by any of the new political parties to articulate their policies which showed lack of seriousness. Having too many parties amounts to having none, he said. “I would be happy if Tanzania had two or three serious parties and, as a Tanzanian, I would support all of them. He maintained, however, that he was a socialist and would only be a member of a socialist party.

He said the policies of any party or nation should not be secret. He stressed that CCM and all the other parties must say openly what they stand for, so as to give voters confidence.

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