Over 40 former CCM MP’s including Education Minister Dr. Philemon Sarungi and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office and five Regional Commissioners failed at the first hurdle and were not selected as candidates for the election. Most former cabinet ministers and CCM leaders won their seats easily.

Former Prime Ministers John Malecela and Cleopa Msuya had no difficulty in winning their seats – Malecela at Mtera by 27,368 against CUF’s 1,052 and Msuya at Mwanga, Kilimanjaro by 23,134 against NCCR’s 3,352. Mr George Kahama head of the Investment Promotion Centre had no difficulty in winning in Karaqwe, Bukoba by 24,290 to NCCR’s 15,591 and UDP’s 5,433 votes.

NCCR did very well in Moshi region and comfortably won seats in Moshi Urban and Rural, Vunjo, Hai and Siha; it also won in Iringa Urban, Arusha Urban, Rorya, Mbeya Urban, Muleba North, Urambo East, Musoma Rural and Bunda.

Mwalimu Nyerere’s son Charles Makongoro Nyerere sprang a surprise by winning a closely fought battle in Arusha for NCCR; he got 27,977 votes against C M Felix,

Deputy Attorney General (26,813) and a disappointing 9,085 for the respected one-time Finance Minister and CHADEMA leader Edwin Mtei. Makongoro’s father, Mwalimu Nyerere had earlier joked “My household is really in the forefront of reform. I have CCM, CUF and NCCR followers”. Daughter-in-law Leticia Nyerere is the daughter of CUF Chairman Musebi Mageni.

The lawyer Dr Masumbuko Lamwai who took the opposition case to annul the elections to the High Court three times without success and was reprimanded by the judges in the case for ‘turning the court into a political circus,’ won Ubungo in Dar es Salaam, after insisting on standing in spite of his party’s boycott of the second Dar es Salaam election.

Former Justice and Consitutional Affairs Minister Samuel Sitta, who has been MP for the area for 20 years was narrowly beaten (10,788 to 9,497) in Urambo East by NCCR’s Msina Jacob Abraham .

Mr Stephen Wassira, a former Deputy Minister of Agriculture defected to the NCCR after complaining that money changed hands during the CCM candidate selection process at Bunda (Mara). He then won the seat for NCCR with 18,815 votes against former Prime Minister Joseph Warioba’s 17,527. Warioba has appealed to the High Court against the result.

Ndimara Tegamwage, Chairman of the 12-nation Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) won for NCCR in Muleba North.

One of the youngest MP’s, if not the youngest, is Mr James Mbatia, the NCCR party’s election director who swept in with a massive 54,724 votes against CCM’s 6,468 at Vunjo, Moshi.

CHADEMA’s P S Willbroad got 20,015 votes defeating the veteran politician P S Qorro CCM (16,781) in Karatu, Arusha. Dr. A W Kabourou, who appealed against his defeat in the Kigoma Town seat by-election last year and won his appeal, beat narrowly (15,478 to 15,205) the same opponent, CCM businessman A S Premji who is appealing against the new result. And former Minster Basil Mramba lost in Rombo, Moshi to CHADEMA’s J A Salakana by 35,132 (CHADEMA), 23,610 (NCCR) and 11,388 (CCM).

UDP won Bariadi West, Bariadi East and Kisesa all in Shinyanga region.

There were 13 parties in the election but the eight smaller parties did badly.

What the opposition parties did do was to wreck the chances of NCCR-Mageuzi gaining a number of seats where the combined opposition vote was greater than that of CCM. Examples of this were Morogoro Town, Buyungu, Bukoba town, Kigoma South, Kigoma North, Ukerewe (where speaker of the House Pius Msekwa stood) and Nzega; in Tabora South TADEA’s C Tumbo would have won if the other opposition candidates had made way for him.

Tanzania’s continuing racial tolerance was illustrated by the success of a number of Asian CCM candidates: businessman Abbas Gulamali Mohamedali won in Kilombero; M M Mudhikur in Mchinga, Lindi, R Aziz in Igunga, Tabora and Bohoran leader, Adamjee Zainuddin Tayabali at Kawe in Dar es Salaam.

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