Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Secretary General Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, who said that his father was from Pemba and his mother from Unguja, appealed for political tolerance in the isles during a visit to Tanzania in January. party politics should not be allowed to divide the people, he said. If the simmering political crisis was left unchecked it would jeopardise the unity of Zanzibaris and ultimately of Tanzania too. But as this issue of TA goes to press there is no sign of any resolution of the problem.

The Aga Khan and President Amour have inaugurated the Stone Town Cultural Centre housed in the ‘Old Dispensary’. President Mkapa has opened a new 51- room luxury Serena Hotel which has been converted from the colonial style Old Extelcoms Building and the Chinese Doctors Residence which once housed David Livingstone and later the British Consul – East African. President Amour announced on March I that the Isles’ government will in future have a fourth element in its security system. Vigilantes are to be given training, uniforms and special allowances to motivate them. The other security units are the Jeshi la Kujenga Uchumi (JKU), prison staff and coastal security guards (KMKM) – Sunday News.

Licenses have been issued to 43 journalists to allow them to work in Zanzibar. Those who have not yet applied for licenses, which cost Shs 6,000, risk being fined Shs500,000 or put in prison for up to five years – Daily News. A seaweed company in Pemba is offering free trips to Mecca for people able to sell more than 13.5 tons of seaweed to the company within six months. Zanzibar seaweed sales in 1994 totaled Shs 492 million – 27% of the Zanzibar GDP – Business Times.

An Italian and three South Africans have been fined $300 each and deported for working illegally in a Zanzibar hotel. People wanting work permits must apply for them while still abroad – Daily News

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