A dozen Britain-Tanzania Society members visiting the Parliament in Dodoma on August 14, during Tony Janes’s annual study tour of Tanzania, were taken by surprise when, during a very friendly welcome address by House Speaker Pius Msekwa, Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye strolled in and joined the party for a lengthy chat. The society’s Tanzanian Chapter Chairman, Paul Rupia MP, who arranged the visit with Margaret Mwaja, a friend of BTS Treasurer Betty Wells, had himself been surprised earlier, when each member of the group sitting in the visitors gallery, had been introduced individually to the assembled MP’s by Deputy Speaker Philip Marmo. This was most unusual said Mr Rupia. The day before, while visiting Mvumi Hospital, BTS members had had a further surprise when they bumped into Foreign Minister Jakaya Kikwete, who recognised members he had met last year at a meeting of the Society in London.

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