Pressure is increasing in DENMARK over whether the country should continue to provide aid to Tanzania as ‘the economy had not made any headway for the last 35 years’ according to a visiting Danish MP. The IMF has approved the third annual loan package of $82 million for 1998/99. Other recent aid includes: USA -$325,000 towards the cost of the national population and housing census. CHINA -$100,00 for famine relief and 45,000 army uniforms. The AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK -Shs 8 billion for the establishment of a small enterprise loan facility. NOR WAY -Shs 1 billion for the Basic Education Programme and Shs 2.5 billion for construction of a 66 kilovolt power line from Zambia to provide electricity to Sumbawanga. UNDP -Shs 2 billion for economic management and private sector development. The EU announced on February 3 that it would not continue the programme it has been supporting since the 1980’s to finance repairs to Zanzibar Port because of concerns over the political deadlock and the poor human rights record on the Isles. Some $330,000 was involved. The WORLD BANK and EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK ­$45 million to overhaul the Tanzania -Zambia Oil Pipeline. The WORLD BANK has also loaned $105 million for the repair of roads and sewerage systems and the provision of water in eight municipalities. The NETHERLANDS -Shs 12 billion for rehabilitation of hospital diagnostic services.

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