BRITAIN -to increase its aid from £42 million in 1997/98 to £63 million in 2001; it has also provided recently $867,000 for anti-malaria research in East Africa particularly the problem of resistance to anti-malarial drugs and Shs 10 million to sponsor a ‘mock’ parliamentary session in which the participants were 150 students from secondary schools around the country. SWEDEN -$8.6 million for the rehabilitation of the Ubungo Power Station in Dar es Salaam. DENMARK -Shs 400 million to renovate the former Kivukoni Magistrates Court building to accommodate the new Tanzania Commercial Court and Shs 55 billion over five years for the health sector. JAPAN -Shs 8.4 billion for the Dar es Salaam Roads Improvement Project and Shs 3 billion to purchase rice to alleviate food shortages. ITALY -Shs 11.5 billion to pay for the contract already signed for the 43-km Wazo Hill to Bagamoyo road. Italy has also promised to help sponsor the preservation of historical sites in Bagamoyo. The BRITISH FOREIGN LEGION ~-Shs 3 million to be divided amongst 64 Tanzanian World War II veterans. CHINA -Shs 9 million for air conditioners for the National Archives. FINLAND -a further Shs 1.8 billion for the East Usambara Catchment Forestry Project and Shs 500 million to strengthen the Tanzania Revenue Authority. WORLD BANK -$117 Million aimed at doubling Dar es Salaam’s water supply including funds for the purchase of 100,000 water meters. NETHERLANDS -Shs 52 billion to be disbursed in this year for health, women and good government programmes. The FRANKFURT ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY -Shs one billion for the Serengeti National Park. SOUTH AFRICA -four Puma helicopters for the army’s disaster rescue unit ‘in appreciation for Tanzania’s help in defeating apartheid’ -the Daily News.

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