The Dar es Salaam Express (September 6-12) complained about parking restrictions near State House in Dar es Salaam. Excerpts:

‘Most of us are aware of the fact that we are not allowed to park opposite the State House. One of these days though, someone is bound to forget that. The beach opposite is an attractive spot and considering the fact that hot days are almost upon us making beaches more attractive, you might want to just park there for a second to check where the boundary of ‘no parking’ ends. Make not that mistake. The signboard is not something you could hope to find in a million years unless you treasure hunt there. Somewhere in between, hidden and perfectly covered by tree branches, the sign informs you that you cannot park. Up to where though, no mention of it….. Don’t be mistaken to think that now that you have reached the Tanganyika Swimming Club, where you can park if you are a member, along its walls you may park too. You will no sooner be looking around before you are arrested on suspicion of wanting to do damage to the State House and its occupants…. Of course you could still walk around and even lounge at the very place but not in your car. Your car can threaten state security. It doesn’t help that Dar has no open beaches anymore. One of this city’s great pleasures was to drive through open beaches on Saturday afternoons….. Gone though are those lovely careless days. Now you have to be alert to political situations while distancing yourself from ‘high places.’….. The complaint is not about making the area opposite the State House parking free. Obviously state security is a serious issue. Let not those regulations become a catching game though between the security and citizens. No parking boards, or any other boards with messages for the public are meant to be seen. What is the meaning of hiding the sign boards under the tree then?’

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