Guardian correspondent in Zanzibar Mwinyi Sadallah reported on July 21 that CCM member of the Zanzibar House of Representatives Ame Mati Wadi had blamed the Government over the loss of some goats early this year. He was debating the budget estimates of the Zanzibar Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Cooperatives ministry, and demanded to know the whereabouts of the goats, before the estimates were passed. Apparently, livestock keepers in Kaskazini A District had applied for licences from the Director of Livestock before transporting 84 goats to the central market. But while in transit, livestock officers seized them on the grounds that there was a quarantine. 52 goats went missing. In accordance with his democratic rights, Wadi said that he wanted to withdraw a shilling from the Minster’s budget. This was a last resort. He had tried a number of government offices, including the Ministry responsible for Good Governance. The Minister, Musa Ame Silima, had admitted that Wadi’s claims were genuine and it was true that officials of his ministry had seized the goats. He said the official who issued the licence for transporting the livestock, contrary to government directives, had been held accountable, adding that the Government was not in a position to report whether the goats had been lost or died – Guardian.

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