Among recent donations of aid to Tanzania have been 18 million euros (TShs 25.3bn/-) in budget support and for help in the fight against HIV/Aids from Germany; from Italy 2 million euros (TShs 2.8 billion) for HIV/AIDS control; from the US $700,000 (TShs 850 million) for help in monitoring bird flu; TShs 11 million from Norway for rural electrification; Korea $20 million (over TShs 20bn/-) to finance training of trainers, the construction of vocational training centres (VTCs) and information technology centres (ITCs) in Dar es Salaam; and, from Britain £700,000 (TShs 1.4 billion) for famine relief. Britain has also announced that it will provide £310 million over the next three years to support the Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (Mkukuta). DfID is the largest bilateral contributor of budget support to Tanzania having provided £330m over the last six years, including £85 million this financial year.

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