The Guardian reported on April 29 on the new government of Tanzania’s relations with Zimbabwe. It wrote: ‘President Kikwete has supported President Robert Mugabe’s land reform policy…. Addressing a dinner hosted by President Mugabe at the Bulawayo State House, President Kikwete said Tanzania supported African countries that were struggling to rebuild their economies. “We will continue to propagate the philosophy that political freedom becomes meaningful only if we can make decisions freely without being pushed or interfered with by foreign countries.” He also praised President Mugabe for his firm anti-neo-colonialism stand, saying the freedom that Zimbabweans fought for would otherwise be meaningless. “As we speak today, Mr President, we can say those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the betterment of other people during Chimurenga and the independence struggle did not do so for nothing.” He said the relationship between the two countries should not be confined to the independence struggle but should also cover the economy, commerce and security.”

President Mugabe said Tanzania was the only country that had continued supporting Zimbabwe’s decision to distribute land to black Africans. “You have continued backing us even when big nations posed economic sanctions on us for our decision. We thank you very much for the support,’’ he said.

During his visit President Jakaya Kikwete also said that Tanzania would look into the possibility of inviting livestock keepers from Zimbabwe to come to the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair. He said this after he saw their expertise. It was a pity that Tanzanian livestock keepers had not adopted modern technology, he said. The President was reported to have marvelled at the fat cows in Zimbabwe, one of which weighed as much as one ton, the equivalent of 12 cows in Tanzania. He said he would try to arrange to have some cows from Zimbabwe brought to Tanzania for the fair, to show the people at home what modern livestock husbandry meant.

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