Newly appointed High Commissioner in London, Mrs Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar, has said that she would not disappoint President Kikwete on his decision to appoint her to the post. In a talk with the press at her Bond Street office, Maajar said: “I will do my best to fulfil the responsibility entrusted to me by President Kikwete, keeping in mind that this is a senior post in a country with which we have special ties.” She insisted that she has no political ambition and upon retirement she would like to go back and help women in legal matters. She said she would be implementing Tanzania’s the new foreign policy of economic diplomacy. To start with she would relocate the Tanzania Trade Centre and bring it under the High Commission. It would be allocated a better budget to enable it to function well – Majira.


The picture above shows Mrs Maajar presenting her credentials to the Queen. A few days later, on November 12, Mrs Maajar and her husband received the devastating news that their only son Hassan, who was schooling at the Waterford/Kamhlaba School in Swaziland, had been
killed in a road accident. The subsequent funeral in Dar es Salaam was attended by many prominent people including President Kikwete and former Prime Ministers Warioba and Kawawa. Several young men who were at school with Hassan spoke about him. His father gave thanks
to all who had helped the family and described how he had flown to Johannesburg from London and then via Maputo to Swaziland. The friends of Hassan, together with his father, had flown from Swaziland to attend the funeral. After the funeral gathering a meal was provided for all and Muslim prayers were said.

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