Former President Mkapa remains under attack in the Swahili press for what they allege was his purchase, with his then Minister of Energy and Minerals Daniel Yona, of the Kiwira Coal Mine at a ‘giveaway price.’ Two newspapers owned by Tanzania’s most prominent businessmen Reginald Mengi – Kuli Koni and ‘This Day’ have launched what appears to be a crusade against Mkapa and are alleging that he has been involved in several other corruption cases. One cartoonist had Mkapa busy extinguishing the ‘fire’ in Kenya (he was part of the AU team working on the Kenya crisis) while reporters ask him about the BoT scandal.

Meanwhile Daniel Yona challenged anyone who wants to prosecute him to go ahead. Talking to Nipashe he said that if there were individuals or groups wishing to prosecute him they could do so. He said he was the victim of a smear campaign though he agreed that he had shares in the mine.

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