President Kikwete’s actions in encouraging the exposure of corruption and setting up enquiries to find out the truth have received wide praise. Apart from accepting the resignation of three cabinet ministers and then dissolving the whole government over the BoT scandal (see below) the President has been taking other measures which have been publicised in the media.
He appointed Prof. Benno Ndulu as the new Governor of the BoT and also a new Board of Directors. At its first sitting the Board decided to reduce the powers of the Governor especially over the Bank’s Audit Committee. In future the committee would consist of independent members instead of BoT directors. It was also decided that the internal auditor should work independently, reporting directly to the committee as well as to the board. The new Governor quickly removed senior members of staff involved in the operation of the EPA pending a review of their roles. The EPA account was also frozen.

President Kikwete gave six months to security agencies to take further steps against those mentioned in the audit report on the BoT. In February the President advised ministers and MP’s who directly engage in business to choose between public service and business ventures to avoid conflict of interest.

During a visit to Kagera Region, he discovered irregularities in immigration procedures at border points. Foreigners from neighbouring countries were entering and leaving Tanzania using permits issued by village and ward leaders, who were not authorised to issue them. He gave the illegal immigrants 60 days to update their permits, warning that otherwise action would follow – Guardian.
According to Mwananchi, the President set up a secret commission of enquiry in January to probe the performance of ministries under University Vice Chancellor, Prof Rwekaza Mukandala. This was said to have followed a REDET (Dar es Salaam University’s research team) opinion survey that found people had more confidence in Kikwete than his ministers.

On February 8 President Kikwete dissolved his whole cabinet having previously accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Edward Lowassa. Hardly a day after the damning report of the parliamentary select committee implicated him in the Richmond scandal, Lowassa told the House that due to the fact that he had been linked to the allegations, he had asked the President to allow him to step down. Lowassa, said that although the committee, had not given him a chance to respond to charges that his office had violated the bidding process by awarding the tender to an American company, he had decided to step down for the sake of his party and the government. “We are all politicians. If we are judged so unfairly, then who will be spared, and how will justice be dispensed to ordinary people?” asked Lowassa….. “I am deeply humiliated and oppressed.” As he returned to his seat, the Speaker said the Prime Minister’s statement had taken him by surprise. Sitta then sought advice from fellow legislators on how to proceed. One MP caused the House to burst into laughter when he said; “For the first time in history, the Speaker is seeking advice from MP’s. This shows how serious the matter is” – Guardian.

President Kikwete greets the new Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda. Also pictured (L-R), Mama Maria Nyerere,Yusufu Makamba, Ali Mohammed Shein, John Malecela, and Shamsi Vuai Nahodha. Photo Issah Michuzi
Mizengo Pinda (60) MP for Mpanda East who, was formerly Minister of State for Regional Administration and Local Government, is the new Prime Minister. 279 MP’s, equivalent to 98.9 per cent, voted in favor of him against just two against. British High Commissioner Philip Parham said in a press statement: “This week`s political events in Tanzania have been a positive example of accountable governance in action.” In his new government the President cut the number of ministers and deputy ministers from 61 to 47, a quarter of them being women. Nine former ministers and eight deputies were left out including former Finance Minister Mrs Zakia Meghji. – Mwananchi.

The new cabinet was sworn-in on February 13. The new ministers for Livestock Development and Fisheries, John Magufuli and Minister of State in the Prime Minister`s Office Stephen Wassira, were cheered by the audience. In interviews with ministers who were not re-appointed the Guardian wrote that Dr. Juma Ngasongwa, Minister for Economy Planning and Empowerment, said that being an economist and regional planner, he would now have more time to engage in other activities, including teaching in higher learning institutions if necessary. Finance Minister Mrs Meghi said the President had appointed the right team. “I believe I will continue working for the nation with fellow legislators” she added. Joseph Mungai, Minister for Home Affairs, said he became Minister for Agriculture the first time in 1972. “I was the youngest minister…. since December last year, I indicated my ambition to retire. Just after the President had dissolved the cabinet, I asked him to exempt me from a ministerial post.”

The Cabinet



President and Commander -in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the United Republic of Tanzania H.E Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
Vice – President H.E Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein
President of Zanzibar H.E Amani Abeid Amani Karume
Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania Rt.Hon. Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda

Ministers of State in the President’s Office

Public Service Management Hon. Hawa Abdulrahman Ghasia
Good Governance Hon. Sofia Mnyambi Simba

Ministers of State in the Vice President’s Office

Union Affairs Hon. Muhammed Seif Khatib
Environment Hon. Dr. Batilda Salha Burian

Ministers of State in the Prime Minister’s Office

Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Stephen Masatu Wassira
Parliamentary Affairs Hon. Philip Sang’ka Marmo
Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Hon. Bernard Kamillius Membe
Minister for East African Co-operation Hon. Dr. Diodorus Buberwa Kamala
Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Hon. Mustafa Mkuro
Minister for Industry, Trade and Marketing Hon. Dr. Mary Michael Nagu
Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives Hon. Prof. Peter Mahmoud Msolla
Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Shamsa Mwangunga
Minister for Water and Irrigation Hon. Prof. Mark James Mwandosya
Minister for Energy and Minerals Hon. William Ngeleje
Minister for Infrastructure Development Hon. Andrew John Chenge
Minister for Communication, Science and Technology Hon. Dr. Sh ukuru Jumanne Kawambwa
Minister for Health and Social Welfare Hon. Prof. David Homeli Mwakyusa
Minister for Education and Vocational Training Hon. Prof. Jumanne Abdallah Maghembe
Minister for Labour, Employment and Youth Development Hon. Prof. Juma Athumani Kapuya
Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Ho. Capt. John Zefania Chiligati
Minister for Information, Culture, and Sports Hon. George Mkuchika
Minister for Defence and National Service Hon. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi
Minister for Home Affairs Hon. Lawrence Kego Masha
Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Mathias Meinrad Chikawe
Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children Hon. Margareth Simwanza Sitta
Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development Hon. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Deputy Ministers and Their Respective Ministries

Prime Minister’s Office

Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Celina Ompeshi Kombani
Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Hon. Seif Ali Iddi
East African Co-operation Hon. Mohamed Aboud
Finance Hon. Jeremiah Sumari
Hon. Omar Yussuf Mzee
Industry, Trade and Marketing Hon. Dr. Cyril Chami
Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives Hon. Dr. David Mathayo David
Energy and Minerals Hon. Adam Malima
Infrastructure Development Hon. Dr. Milton Makongoro Mahanga
Science, Technology and ICT Development Hon. Dr. Maua Abeid Daftari
Health and Social Welfare Hon. Dr. Aisha Omar Kigoda
Education and Vocational Training Hon. Gaudensia Mugosi Kabaka
Labour, Employment, and Youth Development Hon . Hezekiah Ndahani Chibulunje
Community Development, Gender and Children Hon. Lucy Nkya
Home Affairs Hon. Khamis Sued Kagasheki
Livestock ang Fisheries Development Hon. Dr. James Mnanka Wanyancha
Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Ezekiel Maige
Water and Irrigation Hon. Eng. Christopher Chiza
Information, Culture and Sports Hon. Joel Nkaya Bendera
Defence and National Service Hon. Dr. Emmanuel John Nchimbi

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