The British High Commission in Dar has changed its procedures for the issuance of visas. Applications will have to be lodged on-line at least six weeks before the date of travel. Political and Press Officer at the diplomatic mission John Bradshaw told a press conference that visa applications would in future be processed at a central office in Nairobi as part of a plan to reduce the number of British offices handling visa applications – Majira.

Habari Leo commented: This is a shame, to say the least, for such a rich country because in this age and time of technological advancement, when speed and efficiency is the watchword, Britain has decided to impose stringent conditions thus delaying the visa application process…. What happens when, while the passport is being processed in Nairobi, one has to travel elsewhere? Obviously they looked at their own interest without considering the interest of travelers. A cartoon in Mwanchi included the words: ‘You might as well shut down the embassy.’

Mtanzania stated that students from Tanzania applying to study in Britain as from March 2009 would have to get approval from officially accredited universities and colleges.

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