President Kikwete has terminated the appointment of the DC for Bukoba Rural, Albert Mnali, after he had ordered the flogging of 31 primary teachers. A statement issued by State House said that the DC had violated public service regulations and tarnished the image of the government.

Mnali instructed that the teachers be flogged after schools in his district got the worst results in the territorial primary examinations. He told reporters that many people had sent him messages of support but Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training Mwantumu Mahiza said Mnali should be sent for a ‘psychiatric check’.

Some local residents were quoted as saying that the DC had been right in flogging the teachers because the standard of teaching had deteriorated. They told reporters that, after the teachers had obtained bank loans, they virtually abandoned their classrooms. Some of the supporters even suggested that the DC should stand for election next year and they would campaign for him – Majira.

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