The increasing corruption in Tanzania, the arrival in parliament of a much larger Chadema opposition party, the continuing popularity of the Chadema candidate for the presidency in the October 2010 elections, and the apparent determination of the Chadema party to continue campaigning at full pace, even though the next election is five years away, seem to have jolted the ruling CCM party into action. From its grassroots up to the top leadership the party is in the process of ‘cleansing itself.’

Evidence of this was the resignation on April 9 of the top decision making body in the party – the Central Committee – including the whole of its secretariat and CCMs Secretary General Yusuf Makamba. National Chairman Kikwete was asked to form a new team aiming at ‘a real transformation of the party, to rectify its low morale and discipline.’

In no time a new Secretariat was installed including former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Wilson Mukama as party Secretary General. Kikwete then named members of the party’s new Central Committee (CC). These included Abdurrahman Kinana, Zakia Meghji, Abdallah Kigoda, Steven Wassira, Pindi Chana, William Lukuvi and Constancia Buhiye – Uhuru

New leadership –New attack on corruption
A few days after the reshuffles, CCM reaffirmed its commitment to fight corruption, and said that the fight would be won.

The new Secretary General, vowed to act on all corrupt elements within the party and warned that those who continued to engage in corrupt practices would not be tolerated any more. “We wanted to make it clear that all those implicated in big corruption allegations should think of quitting. We want to protect our party’s credibility.” He also said that he would spare no one and was ready to make difficult decisions.

In his first press conference, Nape Nnauye, the newly appointed CCM Publicity Secretary said they were fed up with lingering claims of unethical conduct in the party. “We will ultimately win this war (against corruption). We are determined to win, we have started it and we will sustain it to the end… “ He admitted that the party had massively lost people’s confidence –the Swahili press.

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