Mr Christopher Patten, Britain’s new Minister for Overseas Development announced, during his March 1987 visits to the two countries, new British aid grants of £50 million to both Kenya and Tanzania. £25 million of Tanzania’s allocation had been announced earlier during the IMF negotiations. During the last five years Tanzania received £144.93 million in aid (£30m in 1981, £27m in 1982, £39m in 1983, £30m in 1984 and £17m in 1985). Kenya has received over £200 million during the last six years and has been the largest recipient of British aid in sub-Saharan Africa.

£12 million of the new aid for Tanzania is to be for expenditure over the next few years on development projects to be agreed between the Tanzanian and British Governments. £5 to £6 million will be for the railways and the remainder will be additional programme aid, subject to Tanzania maintaining its agreement with the IMF on the programme of economic reforms.

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